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Organisations operating in the nexus of policy, politics and public affairs deal with complex and varied stakeholder groups. Maintaining regular and meaningful contact with these connections is essential to establishing enduring, mutually beneficial relationships.

A lack of alignment among key figures within and external to your organisation may highlight the need for stakeholder engagement support. Businesses that neglect their stakeholder engagement plan risk distancing themselves from individuals and groups who would otherwise be willing to champion their cause.

If you are finding it difficult to secure the right advocates for your organisation, you might consider engaging a Stakeholder Engagement Firm such as Banksia Strategic Partners.

Specialised stakeholder engagement services help you build relationships that drive you towards desired outcomes

The development of a stakeholder engagement plan starts with an exhaustive list of relevant stakeholders. We will invest time in identifying and understanding the groups that may affect or be affected by your business decisions.

From here, we will determine each stakeholder’s area of influence, allowing us to pinpoint any opportunities for partnership or direct conflicts of interest. If it is in your organisation’s best interest to make contact with the stakeholder, we will determine an engagement approach and a list of desired outcomes.

Drawing on our specialist knowledge of the public sector, we can assist in strengthening your relationships with key government stakeholders through expert counsel on policy development and independent government relations. Regardless of the industry that your organisation operates in, we will base our approach on the industry best practice whilst taking into consideration the human aspect of stakeholder engagement.

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