Misinformation breeds miscommunication


If your organisation operates in a public forum, it is crucial that you consider how key messages are crafted and delivered. Neglecting these messages and the role that they play in public relations can lead to serious miscommunication and subsequent negative coverage in the media.

Miscommunication often begins when a business does not take the time to understand the attitudes and beliefs held by its audience. This can be exacerbated by misinformation, which, if not monitored and managed, can create a negative sentiment among your audience.

If you are concerned that your key messages are not having the desired impact, or that they are being distorted, you may consider engaging Banksia Strategic Partners’ Corporate Communications and Public Relations services.

Let a public relations agency help you create messaging that supports your cause, your business and your audience


As a Public Relations agency, our services provide you with unfettered access to a team of consultants with a wealth of experience in this area. Crafting strong and relevant messages – and ensuring that they are delivered with impact – is our core business.

We will work with your organisation to:

  • Design a media strategy (drawing upon our extensive list of contacts in the Australian media to ensure that the strategy is executed to the highest possible standard)
  • Drive public relations to lift your company’s profile and establish it as the leading commentator in your industry
  • Provide members of your organisation with media training, allowing you to approach unanticipated negative events with composure and confidence
  • Where miscommunication occurs, we will be available with 24/7 support to assist in managing negative coverage and keeping your reputation intact

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