We are a full-service strategic communications firm with strong networks.


Banksia Strategic Partners is a dedicated team of experts who all excel at providing decisive advice and execution in highly sensitive environments.

No other firm can rival our expertise in providing high impact communications support at the nexus of policy, politics and public affairs.

Drawing upon a wealth of experience in strategic communications, social impact and stakeholder engagement, the team at Banksia offers clients high-quality support with their most complex problems. Whether you are looking to proactively build your strategic communications capacity, drive media engagement, or manage a complex stakeholder engagement issue, our specialists can provide tailored counsel based on industry best-practice matched by hands-on delivery.

Company Overview

Learn about the comprehensive offerings and values that define our company.


Our Mission

Results driven social impact is our mission.

Put simply, we exist to make the future a better place. We’re always seeking forward thinking clients to partner with to make their vision a reality.

If we accept you as a client it means we are truly aligned to your cause, because we share your passion for it.

Our Clients

BUSINESS: We help the corporate sector achieve profit with purpose.

: We help all levels of the public sector maximise taxpayer dollars by co-designing policy and funding initiatives that deliver efficient social outcomes.

: We help non-profit organisations deliver critical services in their communities.

Our Methods

We deliver on client strategic objectives through our unrivalled knowledge of the nexus between politics, policy and public affairs. We recognise that complex issues cannot be solved by addressing any of these fields in isolation.

The world never sleeps so we provide 24/7 access. We’re in your corner, fighting for your cause. We’re committed to supporting clients in the day-to-day challenges of implementation. We are natural-born campaigners, which means we run every issue like a national campaign.

Our Process

We like to begin with a preliminary discussion about your objectives and desired outcomes. From here, we establish a strategic direction and determine which combination of our services will help you to reach your short, medium and long-term goals.

Once we have established a practical plan underpinned by appropriate timeframes and clear KPIs, our consultants hit the ground running. We are committed to integrating ourselves and value adding to your team, rather than just being ‘outside advisors’

As a member of your team, we will be available for regular project meetings and provide 24/7 access for crisis support and management. We leverage our existing contacts across government, media and the private sector to help you build allies and neutralise opposition.

Our inbuilt media and key stakeholder monitoring service also allows us to adapt our strategy to address key challenges, or to seize windows of opportunity. We stay nimble, taking into account changing circumstances whilst remaining focused on your strategic objectives.

Strategic Communications, as discussed by Founder and Director Steve Michelson


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