An unanticipated event can easily turn into a reputational crisis


Organisations that operate in the nexus of policy, politics and public affairs deal frequently with sensitive situations and unanticipated events. These events threaten to harm the organisation and its stakeholders if mishandled.

Mistakes and errors are a natural component of operating a business. Regardless of who was at fault, your stakeholders will be looking to how you respond – and will judge accordingly.

Without a strategic and practical crisis response, organisations risk:

  • reputational harm
  • damaging business operations
  • negative impacts on finances
  • alienating key stakeholders

If you have found yourself exposed to a crisis or critical incident, you might consider engaging a dedicated reputational risk and crisis management firm like Banksia Strategic Partners.

Handle internal and external crises with care and clarity with a specialised crisis management firm


Challenging circumstances are best approached through the implementation of a practical crisis communications strategy and reputation management plan.

If you are dealing with a public crisis, Banksia can:

  • work with your organisation to identify the key risks and determine which aspects of the crisis can be mitigated or resolved
  • assist in the development and execution of a stakeholder engagement and media response strategy, as well as facilitating response simulations to prepare you for new challenges that may arise
  • draw upon our extensive network in the Australian media to interact with journalists.

Even if your business is not dealing with a crisis in a public forum, it is essential that you have a system in place to maintain contact with key stakeholders and send proactive updates. Our consultants will be available to ensure that clear lines of communication are maintained at a time when your capabilities and key personnel are spread thin.

We understand that navigating a crisis is a stressful experience for an organisation and its employees, and we are committed to providing you with expert counsel and 24/7 support at each stage of the crisis management process. We don’t just tell you how to respond, we’ll help deliver that response when you need it most.

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