Are your spokespeople confident in delivering the right message and navigating interviews with journalists?


All organisations need to have people that are ready and confident to speak to the media, answer questions strategically, and cut through with their audience – in both the good times and the bad. This is why corporate and crisis management media training is essential.

Unfortunately, many people who take on a public-facing role don’t have prior training to know how to interact with journalists, understand how to field sensitive questions, or deliver irresistible news grabs. 

Without the right corporate media training, unequipped spokespeople risk: 

  • Not getting their organisation’s key messages across to the right audience 
  • Performing poorly and causing lasting reputational damage to themselves or the organisation they represent 
  • Not knowing how to reframe questions and messages to their advantage 

Build the right skills and confidence with corporate media training


Our media training workshops are led by our experienced team with years of industry experience in engaging with journalists and delivering media training and crisis media training across the globe. They will prepare your people for crises, campaigns, and all public speaking situations in between.

Our media training workshops will help your organisation and spokespeople to:

  • Understand how to interact with the media and journalists and field tricky, controversial, or sensitive questions to avoid public disasters or embarrassment 
  • Build the confidence to think and act under the pressures of the media environment  
  • Create content that’s going to get cut through and resonate with the right audience 
  • Get real experience and instant feedback in simulations complete with a camera suite and actors roleplaying as journalists 
  • Refresh their previous training, get more practice in front of a camera, and prepare for a particular scenario or upcoming campaign

Media training workshops are recommended for organisations of all sizes and industries, including private, not-for-profit and government sectors. To prepare for potential unavailability, we also recommend that multiple spokespeople in your organisation undergo training. 

We understand that your people have busy schedules and can work with you to deliver these workshops at a time and place of your choosing. 

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