James-FitzpatrickWritten by James Fitzpatrick 

Strategic Communications is the coordinated planning and dissemination of information, often through a variety of different channels or mediums, with the express intent of achieving particular objectives. Put simply, it refers to targeted communications designed to express and fulfil a clear business objective.

At Banksia Strategic Partners, our approach to strategic communications begins with a preliminary discussion about your objectives and desired outcomes. From here, we establish a Strategic Communications Plan that outlines the direction and determines which combination of communication tactics will help you to reach your short, medium and long-term goals.

Once we have established a practical plan underpinned by appropriate timeframes and clear KPIs, our consultants hit the ground running in practically executing the Plan’s tactics, in close collaboration with your team.

A strategic and proactive approach to crisis communications can help achieve the following objectives:   

  1. Maintain and protect your brand, reputation, and operations;  
  2. Maintain and develop your relationships with customers and other key stakeholders (including government);  
  3. Manage queries and relationships with news media outlets and journalists, as required;  
  4. Mitigate risks posed by incidents as quickly as possible; and  
  5. Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations related to cyber security and privacy, along with any relevant industry standards pertaining to best practice. 

Frequently Asked Questions:   

Does my organisation need a strategic communications plan?

We can’t think of a single business that doesn’t utilise some form of communication, whether it’s emailing customers, meeting with governments for support, liaising with journalists on stories, or updating key stakeholder groups.

All organisations face challenges in communication, and many of them are common across all industries.

They include:

–       A lack of alignment to critical business objectives

–       Complex government policies or regulatory environments

–       Opposing narratives from challengers

–       Competing with the constant flood of information stakeholders receive everyday

Is ‘Strategic Communications’ just another term for Public Relations or ‘PR’?

Strategic communication encompasses much more than just PR.

It emphasises careful planning over execution, is tailored for your specific audience, focuses on more than just traditional media networks, and integrates marketing, PR, and stakeholder engagement.

PR is one tool in your communications toolbox, ‘Strategic Communication’ is the entire communications plan.

What does a Strategic Communications plan entail?

A Strategic Communications plan will vary on a case-by-case basis, as it needs to be tailored to the specific needs of each individual situation. That being said, all strategic communications plans will address four key issues:

Stakeholders: who do you need to communicate with and why?

Key Messaging: what do you need to say?

Medium: where and how will you present your message?

Frequency: how often do you need to remember people of your message?

A strategic communications plan will also alter depending on whether it’s intended for internal or external stakeholders.

At Banksia Strategic Partners, we help our clients to clarify their objectives, select the right key messages and medium, and direct their communications to the right audience. Our team of experts will be happy to discuss your communications needs with you.